Rythmatix is a study of visual rhythms

Drawing inspiration from music, dance and beyond, we create patterns, layers and textures that infuse rhythm into your everyday.

Independent and artist-owned, our entire line is designed and printed in our hometown of Portland, Oregon. The central process of hand printing each piece in-house not only inspires new concepts, but also means we personally ensure you always receive the highest caliber gear.

Rythmatix uses environmentally friendly materials whenever possible while maintaining the fit and long-lasting quality we are known for. In addition to donating a percentage of sales each year to non-profits we admire, we pay an annual carbon tax to offset our carbon footprint, help combat climate change and support developing communities. 

Words from artist Chris Wu

The vision for Rythmatix began in 2010 after attending my first Burn where I became inspired by geometric patterns, textures and layers. The name Rythmatix to me meant the study of visual rhythms and the concept of “geometric meets organic” would allow me to achieve balance within my work. 

The evolution and progression of my art has since been inspired by traveling, DJing, festivals, rhythms and lines within dance, sunsets and sunrises. The support of the community and the desire to progress and evolve are also huge driving forces. Thank you for supporting my vision and art!

Video shot & edited by Conrad Kaczor / Lone Heron Films. Check more of his work here.