Ten years of Rythmatix!

January 12, 2021 2 min read


Take a trip down memory lane with Rythmatix artist and owner Chris Wu. 

Ten years ago I created Rythmatix, a study in visual rhythms. Longtime friends of the brand will remember Rhythm Rhino, its first iteration, but I ultimately decided to move forward with a name that would allow space for things to evolve and progress. Looking back at the highs and lows over the years is a trip. From Portland Saturday Market to Oregon Country Fair to the year 2020, it's been quite a ride. I’m hyped on where we’re at and what we’ve built, and have every intention of continuing to level up. We're grateful for your support over the years and excited to see what the next ten hold!


In the beginning, all I had was selling shirts at Saturday Market. 
The Rythmatix booth at the Portland Saturday Market, many years ago!
Etsy was the next step and allowed me to reach customers all around the world (rythmatix.com would come later).
A screenshot of the Rythmatix Etsy page. 
 Bringing Bryn on as Rythmatix brand manager was a game changer. 
Bryn and Chris stand proudly in front of the Rythmatix booth at DFO in 2018. 
Getting accepted to Oregon Country Fair was a major milestone. Can't wait to be a part of it again someday! 
 Rythmatix shirts hanging on a mossy branch in Forest Park.
Here's the print shop. I still print just about everything myself.
Rythmatix print shop in Portland, OR. Light streams in the window.
The real #BTSthe shipping office. Last year I shipped 2,000 orders. Hopefully this year I'll dial in help. 
Rythmatix shipping office in Portland.
Spent years dragging my clothes through the dust. Thanks to everyone who helped in the booth! This photo is from Oregon Eclipsenever forget!
Rythmatix booth at Oregon Eclipse, featuring the inimitable Katie J!
So many great connections over the years at festivals. This was Lightning in a Bottle 2019.
Rythmatix booth at sunny Lightning in a Bottle 2019.
Excited see where the next ten years take us. Thanks for your support! 
Looking out from the Rythmatix booth at the sunset.

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